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The Photography of RugbyTown 7s

by Aug 21, 20192019

Rugby shines in still photography. While you lose the sense of speed you gain the silence of each moment. The emotion on a player’s face. The tension before a big hit. Moments that are impossible to see live but that exist forever in a picture. The photographers of the RugbyTown 7s bring it all rushing back from years ago. 

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RugbyTown Sevens Day 2 Recap

RugbyTown Sevens Day 2 Recap

With 48 matches in the books, only four teams remain in the hunt for the $10,000 cash prize after Day 2 of the 2019 RugbyTown Sevens. Marlborough Compeed 7s, Tiger Rugby, NOLA Gold 7s and the Ramblin’ Jesters all secured their place in the…

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