RugbyTown 7s Schedule

Here is the latest RugbyTown 7s schedule by date.  To stay up-to-date on the latest schedule and other RugbyTown 7s news please subscribe to our newsletter.


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TimeHome TeamH – PointsA – PointsAway TeamPoolStatus
11:00 AMArmy Rugby Union227US NavyPool AFinal
11:20 AMUS Air Force140US Coast GuardPool AFinal
11:40 AMDBlock Santa Rosa RC125SaberCat 7sPool BFinal
12:00 PMSoCal Griffins2612USA U-23sPool BFinal
12:30 PMDenver 7s Selects1219Tsunami BarbariansPool CFinal
12:50 PMGorilla Rugby045Samurai RFCPool CFinal
1:10 PMBarbados 7s1033Team GermanyPool DFinal
1:30 PMRamblin’ Jesters380Colorado XOsPool DFinal
2:00 PMOld Breed Select Sevens038Army Rugby UnionPool AFinal
2:20 PMUS Navy220US Coast GuardPool AFinal
2:40 PMOregon Sharks1021DBlock Santa Rosa RCPool BFinal
3:00 PMSaberCat 7s2812USA U-23sPool BFinal
3:30 PMROOTS Rugby1724Denver 7s SelectsPool CFinal
3:50 PMTsunami Barbarians197Samurai RFCPool CFinal
4:10 PMNorth American Lions1222Barbados 7sPool DFinal
4:30 PMTeam Germany450Colorado XOsPool DFinal
5:00 PMOld Breed Select Sevens017US Air ForcePool AFinal
5:20 PMArmy Rugby Union360US Coast GuardPool AFinal
5:40 PMOregon Sharks040SoCal GriffinsPool BFinal
6:00 PMDBlock Santa Rosa RC2614USA U-23sPool BFinal
6:30 PMROOTS Rugby742Gorilla RugbyPool CFinal
6:50 PMDenver 7s Selects743Samurai RFCPool CFinal
7:10 PMNorth American Lions1431Ramblin’ JestersPool DFinal
7:30 PMBarbados 7s1729Colorado XOsPool DFinal
8:00 PMUS Navy1714US Air ForcePool AFinal
8:20 PMSoCal Griffins1912SaberCat 7sPool BFinal
8:40 PMTsunami Barbarians3421Gorilla RugbyPool CFinal
9:00 PMTeam Germany145Ramblin’ JestersPool DFinal

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