Infinity Park Proud To Announce Partners For Annual RugbyTown 7s Tournament

Critical to the continued success is building partners with local, national, and international sponsors. Bonnie Brae Liquors and Guinness join partner.

For the seventh year running, Glendale’s RugbyTown 7s tournament will attract top rugby competition from around the planet.

Throughout the last weekend of August, domestic and international clubs will compete in RugbyTown USA, alongside representative teams from all five branches of the US Military, as well as from the British Army and Royal Armoured Corps. Critical to the continued success of the event is partnership with local, national, and international sponsors. With Denver beverage staple Bonnie Brae Liquors and international beer giant Guinness joining as sponsors for this year’s event, rugby in the United States continues to make its mark at Infinity Park.

GLENDALE, CO – AUGUST 27: Tiger Rugby vs US Army during RugbyTown 7’s at Infinity Park on August 27, 2017 in Glendale, Colorado. (Photo by Seth McConnell)

An international brand that needs very little in the way of introduction, Glendale’s recent partnership with two-and-a-half century old Guinness beer – a name virtually synonymous with rugby – further proves that Infinity Park is indeed the face of the sport in the states. A staple in the international sporting community, the centuries old Irish dry stout was introduced in 1759 by Arthur Guinness’s Dublin brewery, and is one of the most popular brands on the planet. Partnering with Infinity Park for the 2018 RugbyTown 7s tournament ensures Guinness will continue to be known to rugby enthusiasts and beer lovers in America and the world over.

GLENDALE, CO – AUGUST 27: Rugby Utah vs British Army during RugbyTown 7’s at Infinity Park on August 27, 2017 in Glendale, Colorado. (Photo by Seth McConnell)

A neighborhood staple for decades, Denver’s Bonnie Brae Liquors has been serving the community for generations. Partnering with RugbyTown 7s directly aligns with owner Shawn Rossi’s vision of involvement with the community, as well as with his desire to grow his business through local outreach. Bonnie Brae General Manager Justin Gilman, who has been in the industry for nearly two decades, explains: “We’re excited to work with the City of Glendale and we know it’s a great opportunity. We want to put our name in line with Infinity Park and with rugby. There isn’t any hesitation – the potential is, well, just amazing.”

Located in an historic pre-war era building on Denver’s bustling South University Boulevard, Bonnie Brae offers something more than other local beverage centers can provide. With residential and business delivery available, certified sommeliers on staff, and the perfect storm of variety, products, and pricing, Colorado native Shawn Rossi’s beverage flagship is putting its mark on Glendale through its partnership with RugbyTown 7s.

As RugbyTown 7s continues to grow in popularity at home and abroad, Infinity Park’s relationships with sponsor partners is an ongoing expression of the symbiosis of sport and business in American rugby’s ever-expanding presence. The additions of Bonnie Brae and Guinness show that that nation’s premier Rugby Sevens tournament will long have its home at Infinity Park.


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