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Since 2011, Glendale’s RugbyTown 7s tournament has attracted top rugby competition from around the planet. Not only do top domestic and international clubs bring their best talent to RugbyTown USA in August each year, representative teams from all five branches of the US Military, participate as well in the fast-paced sevens rugby action.

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Tournament pool play on Friday, additional pool and knockout play on Saturday, and semi‐finals and championship matches on Sunday add to the anticipation and the festival atmosphere. As in years past, adding to that atmosphere is Glendale’s annual beer festival, hosted by Infinity Park. Taking place immediately adjacent and overlooking the stadium, the event features over twenty local breweries along with distilleries and some hard ciders. Beer and rugby – better together! 

Each August, the RugbyTown Sevens Tournament shows that the world plays rugby in Glendale.

Photos by Justin Purdy and Travis Prior

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